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Electrical Solutions

·         Manufacturing of main switchboard

·         Manufacturing of DC switchboard

·         Sub-distrubution switchboard and starters

·         Manufacturing of bridge consol and distrubution switchboard

·         Alarm & Monitoring systems

·         Projects and class approvals




The all electrical and alarm & monitoring system works as ethernet data base. It gives an opportunity to uppgarde all system easily.
All equipment which is using on the system are world wide brends and service is avaliable in world wide.

Project approvals and solutions

In yacht and shıp ındustry, as project and approval affaırs are generally not consıdered on tıme and wıth enough ınterest,
later on some troubles that ıs dıffıcult to  correct can be caused.

During operation of the boat, In the resulting problems, generally,absence of a Project or  implementation of the project approved ,
the project's possible to actually see each other is not of relevance.

Maintenance problems emerged during the operating position or to be disposed of at the point of this situation leads to serious difficulties.

Our company working in international standards, especially at this point, its staff of experienced engineers, project production,
monitoring during implementation, delivery of boat
revision of the check is presented to Lloyd's to be, and they point to specific and
standard prints reached.
The owner and shipyard work boats operating during the time and money by minimizing the loss to provide
more secure travel course.


Maintenance and manufacturing of panels

All kinds of boat distribution boards, international organizations focused on customer approval and appreciation won as it was designed
by our company are made.

Manufacture and maintenance of the system,

Our company personnel, the boat used in the design and supply to any particular system. These samples, hydraulic, pneumatic,
electromechanical systems can be shown
Such systems are often unforeseen pressing building boat, then the resulting system with the system for revision.

Quick reflexes during manufacturing should be given the name of the boat not to affect people for the situation.

Again this type of system failure during maintenance problems need to be solved by analyzing their workings.

Our company at this point that took place in many megayacht projects successed good results


Design and manufacturing of Main board

Main board design and manufacturing of the most difficult situation in the Turkish yacht industry,but which is the most important part.

When looked roughly, distribution boards are understood as  main boards.

But the main control board and the main functions of the energy source to provide a balanced working.

In addition , the main control room panels are a showcase propertıed places for yachts

A Very good buılt yacht sometımes can not be sold because of a bad manufactured main board.

The most important part of a yacht ıs electricity .

OF COURSE BOARD BUILDS UP The heart of this system.


Synchronization and load management solutions





As a header, is a group that takes place In the main panels

Synchronization, 2, 3 or 4, and installed generators at the same time connecting the common system of equal sharing is a strong supply

Our company at this point,reached strong experience with generating over 200  synchronization infrastructure

Today, this issue, especially on charter  boats is not as serious, as the boats seriously affects the comfort and ease of use.

This point is the strongest point of our company at the beginning of the income

Looad management systems installed by worked generator is activated, according to the load is removed.


When needed, the user loads identified by disabling provide a safe working area.


Start-up, and  aimed at quality control solutions

Our company, especially for boats to be taken to the circuit at the point of taking responsibility and the responsibility with significant is easily realised.

By recording Each transaction, or emerging out to analyze and prevent possible problems right direction, get serious succes

Build and equip the world where the boats they are, by periodic visits, better prepare for the next project to see the error of keep records and reports are regularly


Today over 20 megayat travel with confidence on the seas of the world.






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