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OMS Marine International offers complete supervision in the construction or re-build of your yacht.  More specifically, these duties include:

•   Complete analysis of the project

•   Through determination of the requirements of the project, step-by-step priority ranking of said requirements and preparing the project based on those

•   Total execution of the project from start to finish

.    Following up of the application for the project


Once the process has been identified and the requirements have been refined,  OMS Marine International integrates the following into our specific projects:


•  Determination of work descriptions through work analysis

•  Continued examination of the work process

•  Designing and improving work processes for both main and sub undertakings

•  Improving and restructuring of organisation

•  Conversion management

•  Establishing internal communication strategies and models

•  Controlling and predicting workforce efficiency projects

•  Preparing company policy and procedures



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